#206: Affairs in Physician Marriages

This replay episode jumps back to an earlier episode you may have missed if you are new here! Lara talks with marriage and family therapist Yasman Mostajeran about the relationship characteristics that often cause affairs, how to avoid attachment issues, and how to regain trust in a relationship that has suffered a betrayal.

“The affair is a symptom of something happening in the relationship, so this is your opportunity to either rewrite your marriage and create a whole new story together and make it so much better, so much stronger than you were before, or throw your hands up in the air and give up and just let the relationship die.” – Yasman Mostajeran

About Yasman Mostajeran

Yasman is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Associate, Certified Sex Therapist-Candidate and Gottman Level 3 trained psychotherapist in Houston, TX. Although most of Yasman’s client’s are couples, she works with individuals and families as well. Yasman’s focus and passion has been guiding couples who have experienced infidelity or betrayal within their relationships through the rebuilding of trust and healing process.

Using Gottman method therapy and other therapeutic approaches, she welcomes couples who are having trouble resolving conflict, betrayal, infidelity, and any other challenge that seems to stand in their way. Healing a relationship means healing the people in it. Yasman’s goal is to redefine infidelity in a way so that couples no longer fear giving their significant other and their relationship another chance. Yasman is currently seeing clients at Houston Relationship Therapy. You can visit www.houstonrelationshiptherapy.com to read some of her articles and learn more or schedule an appointment.

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