#208: Intimacy and Connection in Medical Marriages

In this episode, Lara chats with Vanessa and Dr. Jeep Naum about intimacy and connection in medical marriages. The Naums help physicians save their marriage, family, and bank account.

“I think the big part was we needed to get to the place where we were talking with each other. And that he could connect with my feelings of, ‘Hey, look. I need help. We’re in this family life together. I know your job is extremely important, but I need help too.’” -Vanessa Naum

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About the Naums

Vanessa and Dr. Jeep Naum have been coaching married couples for over 25 years. In 2018, they began specializing in physician marriage coaching. Here’s more about them…

“I am a graduate of the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, where I earned my Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine. I have been a trained family physician for over 25 years. I am a published author of an Amazon selling book, “What’s Forever For? A Physician’s Guide for Everlasting Love and Success in Marriage”.

Vanessa C. Naum, MBA, CPC has been a marriage coach for 25 years. She is passionate about helping engaged and married couples live their marriage’s full potential particularly since her first marriage ended in divorce. From that experience, she expertly brings knowledge of what it feels like being in a marriage that isn’t working.”

You can find their website at http://www.BestFriendsAgain.com


The Married To Doctors Podcast will be coming to a close on May 26th, 2022 with its 210th episode!  This was a difficult decision, but in the end, the correct decision for me and my family. I will be sharing more about that decision in the 210th episode.

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