3 Reasons To Explore Tech-Savvy Cavity Prep

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When it comes to run-of-the-mill procedures performed in offices across the world, it can be easy to stick to what you know. After all, traditional burs and handpieces are a tried-and-true method of preparing any cavity for a filling. But what’s also true is that technology has caught up with – and passed – this method of restorative care. Namely, the next generation Solea laser – an all-tissue, virtually anesthesia-free solution.

Here, we’ll explore three ways that advancements in laser dentistry make sense not only for your practice, but also for the patients who trust you with their care.

1. Do more in a day

As you know, traditional cavity prep happens in multiple steps, with plenty of waiting around for local anesthesia to take effect. Then, when you’re finished with the day’s work, office managers spend even more time on reappointment for work in other quadrants.

With Solea, the most advanced laser on the market, the stop-and-start nature of direct restorations is a thing of the past. Thanks to anesthesia-free cavity prep and virtually zero discomfort, you can start working with a patient and continue until the entirety of their treatment plan is completed. In fact, average users report doing 4-6 more procedures per day.

2. Eliminate anesthesia

How much money do you spend on anesthesia related to direct restorations? And beyond that, how much time do you spend each week waiting for numbness to set in so you can start your work? With Solea, those numbers can drop near zero.

If – like most practices – you’re looking to build greater efficiency into every patient interaction, Solea is an ideal way to get it done.

3. Less patient anxiety

It’s no secret that the top source of patient anxiety is the fear of pain. The combination of needles, the residual soreness, and the discomfort that accompanies drilling can be prohibitive, allowing oral health to deteriorate.

But with Solea, patients young and old get the dream scenario: noise-free, needle-free, drill-free experiences. And when they receive excellent care more quickly than ever before, you can bet they won’t keep it to themselves.

When patients ask you if you’ve started the procedure after you’ve already finished, you know you’ve reached a new level in anesthesia-free dentistry.

Yooson Kim, DMD

Solea laser by the numbers

When Convergent Dental developed the next generation Solea laser, they set out to create an elite update to their groundbreaking solution. In pre-market trials,* it was clear they took laser dentistry to the next level. 

  • 100% of patients reported Solea is significantly quieter than a drill
  • 99.2% anesthesia-free hard tissue preps
  • 84% of cavity preparations cut equal to or faster than a drill
  • 98% of patients experienced little-to-no sensation

*Actual results from 1,000 procedures collected in pre-market testing

This generation of Solea sets a new standard for minimally invasive dentistry. I can see exactly what I am doing, and it cuts with precision that no other dental instrument can match. Outcomes are better than I can get with anything else

Michael Kelly, DMD

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