“Black patients’ hair is often neglected due to lack of appropriate products and a predominantly non-Black health care staff unfamiliar with caring for hair different than their own.”

Click to expand; see link in text for a pdf of the full tip sheet.

Irene Friedman, MS, RN, and Michelle Sison, MSN, RN, noticed that hair care for Black patients needed improvement at their hospital. In response, they developed a Tip Sheet for Care of Textured Hair as an initiative in line with the goals of their hospital’s nursing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) Magnet core council.

They have generously made this downloadable pdf available to AJN to share with readers who would like to make use of it in their own hospitals.

This two-page document also includes recommended hair care products and QR code links to videos to instruct staff on how to care for textured hair.

To learn more about why and how Friedman and Sison developed this tool, read their December 2022 Viewpoint in AJN, “Equitable Patient Care Includes Equitable Hair Care.“