AIC Congress and 3M Lecture “How to make your restorations simply excellent?”

24° National Congress AIC

An association of dentists that promotes knowledge, awareness, research and innovation in conservative dentistry.

Mission: It is through conservative dentistry that we learn to respect and preserve the tooth as a body organ, to work meticulously,
knowing and correctly applying the most modern operative techniques, and to perform a proper treatment plan that will meet the real needs of the patient and will ensure a long term success.

The objectives of the Academy are as follows:

  • To Bring together in an active group dentists involved in Conservative Dentistry, discipline that aims to the morphological, functional and aesthetic restoration of the tooth.
  •  To promote the profession’s interest in the study, research and advancement of the discipline and its best clinical applications in the field of prevention, diagnosis and morphological, functional and aesthetic restoration of natural teeth, thus contributing to the oral health improvement of the population.
  • To promote cultural exchanges with similar national and international associations.
  • To stimulate the meeting between graduate and postgraduate teachers of Conservative Dentistry.
  • To promote the unfolding of every activity in the most friendly way, disinterested and informal possible way.
  • To promote and implement actions to humanitarian purposes, in favor of realities linked to the world of dentistry.

May 4th-6th

Lecture “How to make your restorations simply excellent?”

We will talk about what happens every day in our practices.
How to handle direct restorations quickly but without sacrificing quality.
On the one hand we have a technique that allows to shape the whole occlusal surface by managing the composite in a single apposition, on the other hand we will discuss the optimal indication fields for new materials that, because of their physical, mechanical and aesthetic characteristics, allow to reconstruct the whole tooth with a single mass. The materials will take care of the color and physics; we will be left with the pleasure of handling the shapes.
These materials are united by a single thread that speaks of universality and concreteness, speeding up our work and streamlining the organization by allowing us to significantly reduce the amount of products we must have at our disposal.
The key word will be simplification by adding quality with as few operational steps as possible. All in full StyleItaliano philosophy.

May 4th, Italian language, Italy

Our speaker:
Prof Giuseppe Chiodera

More information about the Congress.

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