Amann Girrbach launches new milling machine

KOBLACH, Austria/DUBAI, UAE: As a pioneer in dental CAD/CAM technology, Amann Girrbach is one of the leading innovators and preferred full-service providers in digital dental prosthetics. The company has now launched Ceramill Matron, the first fifth-generation milling machine on the market. It offers superior features compared with older machines, including outstanding precision and excellent milling results with intuitive handling and maximum user friendliness.

Ceramill Matron can be used for processing a wide range of materials, particularly carbide, is suitable for autonomous order processing of up to eight blanks owing to an integrated performance blank changer and can be fully integrated into the digital workflow.

Ceramill Matron is optimally designed for the precise and fast processing of carbide and is equipped with the latest tool technology and a 3 mm or 6 mm milling shaft. “The Ceramill Matron offers a completely new digital experience and achieves results with a precision that is on a par with any milling centre. It can even be used to effortlessly machine hard metals such as titanium or cobalt–chromium up to 16 mm in-house,” explained Amann Girrbach product manager Daniel Leitner.

Maximum precision of detail

The 45° arrangement of the A- and B-axes, providing vibration-damping properties, ensures high rigidity and accuracy in the milling process. “With the Ceramill Matron, we have achieved unprecedented running smoothness, which has an extremely positive effect on the surface quality and the service life of the milling cutters,” explained Leitner. The five-axis technology and the machine’s enhanced capabilities allow operation at extreme angles, even in areas of pronounced undercuts, resulting in very high precision. In combination with radio-frequency identification technology, a magnetically interchangeable 11-position tool holder called the SnapMag makes tool changes quick and convenient. Furthermore, an unlimited number of cutters can be easily introduced via a plug-and-play solution. With intelligent preloading, many materials and indications can be processed without the need for changing.

Autonomous working and intuitive control

The Ceramill Matron’s eight-blank changer enables fully automated work processes in dental production. The control of the processes is intuitive, and a high-resolution, 21.5 in. display guides the user conveniently through all work steps.

According to Leitner, integrating the milling machine into the digital workflow is also very simple: “The Ceramill Matron is the ideal product for dental practices and laboratories that wish to drive digitisation of their workflows forward and have the highest demands in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. It is precisely this combination of performance and joy in craftsmanship that we wish to convey with our campaign slogan ‘Serious Fun’.”

The Ceramill Matron’s first users are enthusiastic about the new milling machine. Among them, German master dental technician Florian Barthel said: “For me, the Ceramill Matron can be described in four words: intuitive, powerful, trend-setting and multifunctional. It closes the gap between the Ceramill Motion 3 and Ceramill Matik in terms of design and is also absolutely future-proof, supporting updates for future developments.”

Editorial note:

Amann Girrbach will be showcasing the new milling machine at AEEDC Dubai next week. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more at Booth 801.

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