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Customers who are experiencing unexpected restart issues regarding their iPhones may be in luck. Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers now have a new tool in order to better diagnose the issue.

According to an internal memo sent by Apple to its technicians, the new tool is referred to as a “System Stability” diagnostic tool. The memo was obtained by MacRumors, who has been able to divulge some of the details.

The tool is said to be used if a customer with an iPhone 11 or a more recent model begins to experience restart issues. In the event that an iPhone mysteriously begins to restart for no discernable reason, an Apple Store and Apple Authorized Service Provider technical can run a diagnosis using the new tool.

The tool is used to evaluate the iPhone’s analytics logs to see if it has been restarted unexpectedly multiple times over a 14-day period. If so, Apple apparently advises its technicians to proceed with a hardware repair. However, if the diagnosis determines otherwise, technicians are to point customers to a new support document. This page lists troubleshooting tips for Apple hardware and software in the event that an iOS or iPadOS device suddenly restarts.

The new “System Stability” diagnostic is a part of Apple’s Service Toolkit 2. It’s supposedly a much faster way for a technician to determine if a hardware repair is necessary or if restoring the device will solve the device’s restart issue.

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