Average RN Salary in Mississippi 2022

Want to become a nurse in Mississippi? According to CPI data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Magnolia State has the lowest cost of living in the U.S., which means registered nurses (RNs) pay less than other states for groceries, housing, transportation, and other goods and services.

Mississippi also borders Alabama, Louisiana, and Tennessee. As a compact nursing state, one of 38 states in the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), RNs in Mississippi can travel to bordering states that often pay more without having to obtain another license.

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  • Average Mississippi RN Salary: $63,130 (Ranks 49th among all states)
  • Hourly Mississippi RN Salary: $30.35
  • Projected Mississippi RN Employment Growth (2018-2028): 6.1%

Source: BLS, Projections Central

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Average RN Salaries in Mississippi

Becoming an RN in Mississippi offers traveling nurses the opportunity to work in bordering compact states, where nurses, on average, make more. Louisiana pays RNs a median annual wage of $64,450 ($33.84 an hour) and Tennessee $62,390 ($32.06 an hour).

Mississippi RNs make an average annual wage that falls below the national average of $77,600. However, nurses in Mississippi can potentially increase their earnings as they gain more education, credentials, responsibility, and experience.

As detailed in the table below, Mississippi nurses make a median annual salary of $60,790, but the 75th percentile RNs earn more than $75,220 and in the 90th percentile nurses make more than $78,670.

Infographic of registered nursing salary data in Mississippi. The average annual RN salary is $63,130. The average hourly RN salary is $30.35. Average RN salaries range from $47,210 among the bottom 10th percentile of earners to $78,670 among the top 90th percentile of earners.

Mississippi RN Salary Range
Percentile Average Annual RN Salary Average Hourly RN Salary
10% $47,210 $22.70
25% $48,590 $23.36
50% (Median) $60,790 $29.23
75% $75,220 $36.16
90% $78,670 $37.82

Source: BLS

Mississippi RN Salary, Adjusted for Cost of Living

According to the BLS, RNs in Mississippi make a median annual salary of $60,790, or $30.35 an hour. When adjusted for the cost of living, RNs earn an average salary closer to $70,832, ranking 49th for the lowest RN salary in the country.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis determines regional price parities (or the cost of living) by analyzing costs of housing, food, transportation, medical expenses, and other goods and services. Arkansas, Mississippi, and West Virginia have the lowest cost of living. Mississippi has the lowest housing rent in the country. The state also ranks as the lowest cost of living, with an index of 87.8%, 12.2% lower than the national average.

  • Average RN Salary Adjusted for Cost of Living: $70,832 (Ranks 49th among all states)
  • Cost of Living Index (RPP): 87.8 (12.2% less than the U.S. average)

Highest-Paying Cities for RNs in Mississippi

The highest-paying cities/areas in Mississippi include the state’s capital, Jackson, home of Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, the Mississippi Petrified Forest, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, and the 305-acre LeFleur’s Bluff State Park. In Jackson, RNs earn a median annual salary of $67,110.

The combined regions of Gulfport, Biloxi, and Pascagoula pay the second highest RN salaries in Mississippi, while Hattiesburg ranks third. In 1882, Captain William H. Hardy founded Hattiesburg, a subtropical location dubbed “Hub City” because of the many railroad line crossings.

Highest-Paying Cities for RNs in Mississippi
City Average RN Salary
Jackson, MS $67,110
Gulfport — Biloxi — Pascagoula, MS $66,060
Hattiesburg, MS $59,520

Source: BLS

Average Salaries for Other Nursing Roles in Mississippi

Those interested in a nursing career can start by becoming a nursing assistant or a licensed practical nurse/licensed vocational nurse (LPN/LVN) — a career that requires an LPN and passing the NCLEX-PN.

RNs can also advance in their careers by earning higher degrees, such as a master of science in nursing (MSN) or a doctor of nursing practice (DNP). With an MSN, RNs can work as nurse midwives or nurse practitioners. Those with a DNP can become nurse anesthetists, earning an average income of $182,940.

  • Nursing Assistants: $25,690
  • LPN/LVNs: $41,530
  • Nurse Practitioners: $111,750
  • Nurse Anesthetists: $182,940

Methodology and Sources

Registered nursing salary data by state is collected from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics program, released on March 31, 2022. Data reflects RN salaries as of May 2021. The highest-paying cities and states for RNs are ranked by average annual salary.

Cost-of-living data is collected from the U.S Bureau of Economic Analysis real personal income for states and metropolitan areas, released on December 14, 2021. RN salary adjusted for cost of living is calculated by multiplying each state’s RN salary by its regional price parity (RPP). RPP measures differences in the cost of goods and services in a region compared to national prices.

Projected employment growth data by state is collected from Projections Central.

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