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Ronak Patel shares the details of Altitude Lifetyle’s rise to success as a leading dental marketing agency throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

Ronak Patel is the founder and CEO of Altitude Lifestyle, a leading dental marketing agency that is causing digital waves throughout the UK, US and beyond. After spending over eight years perfecting his skills in digital marketing with some of the world’s leading hospitality brands before starting Altitude Lifestyle 10 years ago. Find out more about how he has steered the agency to success and built a global portfolio of more than 500 practices.

Where do you think the dental industry is at in terms of marketing currently?

As most know, it is a very messy landscape with a lot of dental practices being burned by small agencies that overpromise but underdeliver. They outsource cheap labour, copy and paste ads from other clinics, run poor ads that generate cheap leads and burn through hard earned budgets which ultimately disheartens practice owners.

It’s a difficult one as ultimately dental practices are small businesses with owners who are trained in dentistry – not marketing. So, most owners place there trust in agencies, hoping they will be honest and help them grow. But as we all know, that is not the case most of the time.

That is when we step in with a proven process and fix the mess with a long-term outlook and strategy in order to deliver sustainable results. We provide first class service and management to give practices a personal feel.

Tell us about Altitude Lifestyle.

We are a leading dental marketing agency with over 500 practices in 11 countries. We are designed to help dental practices grow into the millions with high quality lead generation and digital marketing using paid and social channels. Our AI-powered system also helps us stand out.

We started off in California and Los Angeles 10 years ago when the big dental cosmetic boom took place. Since then, we have expanded out across the US and now have over 350 practices with the rest scattered around Europe and the Middle East. We have a dedicated team of 53 dotted across the globe with vast experience in performance marketing who are proud to deliver high results.

What makes Altitude Lifestyle different?

We’ve worked with the best dental practices in the world to produce millions in return on ad spend. We do away with inefficiencies and formalities, and spend over $40million annually on ad spend across 500+ accounts. We bring huge amounts of knowledge, results and guarantees.

Furthermore, we ensure that practices receive between 50 to 200 high-quality cosmetic leads every month to help them grow quickly. Be it Invisalign, composite bonding, dental implants or tooth whitening, we have the whole spectrum covered. It’s more about building a sustainable practice.

We also plug them in to our network of 500+ practices and global AI servers. These learn hundreds of data points to serve ads to high ticket customers and generate leads that outperform other agencies. We are so confident in delivering results that we give a money back guarantee for any months we don’t deliver 50-200 high quality leads. It’s a no-brainer for practices that are serious about growth.

What does the future hold for Altitude?

The future is exciting as we are looking to increase our global footprint with an additional 500 practices by the end of 2026, taking us to over 1,000 practices. We are heavily recruiting talent across our offices in London, Amsterdam, Dubai and California. This should double our team and output.

We have agreed partnerships with some of the biggest dental treatment tech providers in the industry in order to become a preferred agency for their partner practices worldwide.

We have also had the go ahead to build our new state of the art head office in Marbella with developers Ferrovial SA. This will be our new European head office in 2025. So, the future looks great and you will be hearing a lot more about us this year!

How can dental practices get in touch?

We are always open to working with forward thinking and ambitious practices. You can get in touch with us via our website: You can also send an enquiry to our partnerships team by email: [email protected].

Or you can find us on Instagram @altitudelifestyle or @ronaltitude.

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