Burkett on Treatment Options for Endometrial Cancer

Wesley Burkett, MD, discusses treatment options for endometrial cancer.

Wesley Burkett, MD, a fellow in gynecologic oncology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, discusses treatment options for endometrial cancer.

Immune and targeted therapy are the go-to options for patients with endometrial cancer. According to Burkett, even with these choices, options for this patient population are limited. The key for future treatment for endometrial will be the strategies being evaluated in preclinical research.

One such study evolves intermittent fasting to promote weight loss in patients with endometrial cancer, according to Burkett. This novel intervention may help prevent adverse events often associated with cancer therapy.


0:08 |Of course, there’s been a lot of new approval of newer immune therapies and more targeted therapies. However, we still have very limited treatment options for endometrial cancer, especially after frontline endometrial cancer. And so that’s kind of the where a lot of research is being pushed now. What we thought was interesting with our study is the ultimate intervention with a gold standard intervention for weight loss would be through bariatric surgery.

0:42 | However, not all patients can receive bariatric surgery. And so, this might be an intervention that can be an adjunct treatment with patients who are receiving chemotherapy, because there may not have as many adverse events on cytotoxic therapies. And there has been some other preclinical studies that it appears that the type of IAR might render cancer cells more susceptible to cytotoxic treatment. And so, I think the biggest thing is kind of now specifically looking at treatments for endometrial cancer in the preclinical world.

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