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For those that have been on the fence with Primescan, or have not tried the Atlantis workflow, I thought I would share this fun “real-world” case we just finished recently.  These are my favorite types of cases, where we can really make a difference for someone.  Patient presents as an 80 year old woman who was wearing an ill fitting partial for awhile and was losing weight because eating was very difficult.  She has some significant health issues and was told in Florida that she “could not have implants”, which was obviously inaccurate.  She saw an oral surgeon who we work with for placement of three implants and he bounced her over to me.  Now, there are certainly plenty of other restorative concerns, but we wanted to address the immediate issue and get her back in function. Here is how she presented:

You can see in the next pic that she has a tight upper lip that we were fighting with, which made photos a challenge, but it also helped us restoratively because she had a low lip line and there was significant atrophy in the area over time.  We debated pink porcelain over longer teeth, but as you will see in the finals it really didn’t matter esthetically due to the tight lower lip line.  But, most importantly, I love how the Primescan picks up everything, including the metal on her partial:

The double buccal bite made sure we were able to get a stable model:

Check out the depth of scan, into the implants:

So, we placed the IO FLO scanbodies and took our scans:

Love how it even captures the clasps-ridiculous.  So, we sent the case to Atlantis and had them fabricate the abutments…they were able to parallel everything and send me the plan:

I approved the plan and they sent me the abutments and the core file for the bridge-I was able to take that core file and send it via connect off to the lab-so at this point I have not taken a single physical impression or touched a model, but we have abutments and a final fixed partial denture being manufactured.  I also remembered this time to order the seating jig from Atlantis-makes life so much easier:

So, once the bridge came in from the lab, we had the patient come in.  Popped in the seating jig and delivered the abutments in a few minutes-such a smooth process.  There was blanching of the tissue but patient was never uncomfortable, and it went away after a few minutes:

Delivered the final bridge and we had a very happy patient:

She called me the next day all excited about how she went out to dinner with her husband and was able to eat…in the world of Italians, that is priority number one!  All kidding aside, it was great to use the amazing technology and Atlantis workflow to tackle a challenging case and help her get healthy.  Impressions would have been very difficult, but with Primescan it was unbelievably easy.  Now, she is so excited she wants to start addressing the other areas as well…fun times in dentistry for sure!

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