CorMedix on track to put an end to infection misery using DefenCath

Joe Todisco is chief executive officer of CorMedix and spoke to OSP about how the company’s product, DefenCath, could put an end to the additional misery dialysis patients often go through by being at higher risk for and developing serious infections.

He says there are 800,000 people in the U.S. who are living with end-stage kidney disease with more than half of those belonging to an ethnic or minority group. And while some of those with the disease will have a transplant, most will have dialysis – a treatment that filters waste from the kidneys and removes excess fluid from the body.

The company’s product, DefenCath, is a formulation of taurolidine and heparin with broad antimicrobial activity that is currently being investigated for use as a catheter lock solution, with the aim of reducing the risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections from central venous catheters.

Todisco explained that dialysis means that patients’ bloodstreams are frequently accessed using needles but also catheters – soft plastic tubes inserted into larger veins.

Critical unmet need

He said: “There are these catheter-related bloodstream infections which are a critical unmet medical need. At the moment there is no drug product that is FDA approved or in development for the prevention of these infections other than us.

“With access required as frequently as it is for patients on dialysis, this automatically increases the risk of infection and in some cases can be more serious leading to sepsis and in worst case scenarios, death. There are several germs that can cause infections with the most common being staph (staphylococcus aureus​) and that can be deadly.”

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