David Arnold – Communications | Oral Health Foundation

David Arnold is a seasoned communications professional who currently serves as the Director of Communications at the Oral Health Foundation. His role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Leading public health awareness campaigns around oral health.
  • Managing the press and media team.
  • Overseeing digital media strategies.
  • Shaping policy and managing relationships to deliver on wider strategic goals.

David’s academic background has equipped him with a solid foundation in media and communications. He holds a BA (Hons) in Media Production from the University of Lincoln and a Master’s Degree in Print Journalism from Nottingham Trent, where he completed his NCTJ examinations. Further enhancing his expertise, David completed a CIPR Advanced Certificate in Public Relations from Birmingham City University in 2012.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, David is a passionate sports fan and a talented golfer with a single-figure handicap. He also plays the guitar and enjoys exploring new places around the world. His diverse interests and skills, coupled with his professional expertise, make David Arnold a dynamic and versatile individual. His commitment to his profession and his personal passions reflect his well-rounded personality and dedication.

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