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Rated as a Dental Product Shopper ‘Best Product,’ the Patterson Disposable Diamond burs are a “durable single-use diamond bur that maintains its cutting efficiency throughout a restorative procedure.” Rating the burs as a 4.9 out of 5 for durability, the review focused on the strength of the burs, as well as the efficiency and speed of substrate removal.

Notably, the Dental Product Shopper evaluation found the Patterson Disposable Diamond burs can cut, grind and shape efficiently. During restorative procedures, Andrew Mogelof, DDS, of Stratford, Connecticut, found the burs to be “excellent for single use,” adding that “the burs were consistent in shape and grit, and they ran smoothly.”

On durability of the burs, Krista Kappus, DDS, of Healdsburg, California, found that “although these are disposable, I did not have any issues with balding burs before finishing treatment.” Dr. Cynthia Young noted the strength of the diamonds, and how she was “able to cut and remove a zirconia crown using one bur.”

The single-use design and ease of use of the diamond burs allowed Dr. Craig Aebli to “prepare teeth efficiently” while “taking less time in a patient’s mouth.” While Dr. Young said the diamonds saved “my time and assistant’s time, and I didn’t have to change burs during the procedure.”

As for overall satisfaction, Patterson Disposable Diamond burs proved to be a dependable product for the reviewing dentists. Dr. Marc Herman of Woodbury, New York, stated the diamonds “make restorative dentistry very easy and give me consistent and predictable preparations.”

The Dental Product Shopper review concluded with the following key takeaways:

  • The diamonds are a pre-sterilized, single-use burs for convenience and patient safety
  • They are sharp, strong and durable for efficient procedures
  • The diamonds are pre-packaged for ease of selection and use
  • Are available in a wide variety of shapes, grits and sizes for restorative procedures
Dental Product Shopper product evaluation snapshot for Patterson Disposable Diamond burs

Read the full DPS review here and ask your Patterson representative about Patterson Disposable Diamond burs or order online at

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