Dental SEO quiz: What does GMB have in common with GBP?

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Unless you’re an internet marketing geek like me, you may not have heard that Google My Business (GMB) is going away and being replaced by Google Business Profile (GBP).

The GMB app is what has been used for the past few years to update Google business listings. I hope you know what I mean when I say ‘Google business listing.’ If you’re not familiar, you should get familiar. It’s where more than half of your new patients do research on your practice before calling to schedule an appointment.

When someone searches for a dentist on Google, the search results show red pins on the Google map. Each pin represents a dental practice location and includes information from your Google business listing.

Your Google business listing should be updated with new content on an ongoing basis.

Why is updating your Google listing important?

Think about your personal local search habits. How often do you use Google Maps when you search for a local business? It’s not difficult to understand why the highest-trafficked section of the search results is the Google map, especially for local search phrases.

The map provides the name, address and phone number; a snapshot of the business’s reputation via the reviews profile; you also get a click-to-call option, messaging, photos, hours of operation and a business description.

Google has done a great job of creating search results that are easy to use with relevant information. If you can improve your rankings, you’ll get more new patient phone calls.

How to improve your dental practice search rankings

The search phrases you want your practice to rank for are ‘local search phrases.’ An example of a local search phrase would be “dentist near me” or “best dentist in Miami.” All local search phrases display the Google map.

You improve your rankings by implementing a dental SEO strategy. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a dental digital marketing strategy to help your practice be found on Google Maps.

When you update your Google Business Profile with linked posts, new photos, services descriptions, categories and products, your practice will begin to rank higher on the Google map.

But now, the Google My Business app is going away.

Screenshot of showing a message that Google My Business is no longer available.

Bummer, right?

Actually… not a bummer. Let me explain.

How to update your Google Business Profile

Now that Google My Business is phasing out, you will update your Google Business Profile directly on search and with the Google Maps application.

Updating on search is super simple. A few days ago, I made an SEO update video showing the changes; you may want to check it out!

All you have to do is make sure you’re logged into a Google account that is an owner or manager of your GBP. Then go to Google and search the name of your dental practice. You’ll be able to edit directly on the search result.

Where most people will get stuck is making sure that they’re logged into the correct Google accounts. I’ll elaborate…

Below is a screenshot of my search result while not logged in to a Google account that is an owner or manager of My Social Practice.

Screengrab of a Google web search showing that the user is not logged into the correct Google Business Profile.

Notice the difference when I’m logged in to a Google account that is an owner or manager of My Social Practice.

It’s straightforward to edit my Google Business Profile when logged in to the correct account.

How to update your Google Business Profile on a mobile device

You can update your GBP on your mobile device using the Google Maps application. But only if you’re logged in to a Google account that is an owner or manager of the GBP.

The image below is what the My Social Practice listing looked like when I searched for it using the Google Maps app on my iPhone.

Image with four different screenshots showing how to update a Google listing

Notice the edit profile button. When you click on that, you can update your business information, hours, photos, logo and cover photo.

If you scroll down a bit on the listing, you see an ‘Edit business’ information section that allows you to update or change everything else in your Google Business Profile.

How to rank higher on Google Maps with your GBP

If you want to improve your rankings on Google, you need to update your GBP often. I know it’s a pain, but with this update you can quickly make changes and begin improving your rankings.

To get started, here are a few of my suggestions for managing your Google Business Profile:

  • Add a few photos each week.
  • Create new posts at least twice a month and make sure to link to your website or blog.
  • Add services and update your descriptions.
  • Add the maximum number of service areas. Before you add your service areas, you’ll want to run a Google Maps ranking report and follow the instructions on choosing your areas in this dental SEO training.
  • Acquire at least one review per day by sending review requests.
  • Respond to ALL Google reviews and make it easy by turning on notifications in your GBP.
  • If you accept insurance, make sure to add it to your GBP.

If you need just a little bit more help on how to optimize your listing, watch this recorded dental SEO webinar. In this webinar, we walk you through all the steps for an optimized Google Business Profile.

Updating your GBP: Conclusion

The new GBP update makes editing and updating easy-peasy. To keep your Google Business Profile relevant and ranking as high as possible, remember to update your listing as often as possible.

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