Digital Dentistry Starts with a Scan, Powered by DS Core

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Go Digital to Grow Your Practice

Digital dentistry is perfect for the innovative and forward- thinking dentist who’s looking to expand their business. Primescan, an intraoral scanner from Dentsply Sirona, allows you to confidently step into digital dentistry with an open and versatile approach, allowing for growth and expansion. It provides you with the opportunity to enhance partnership with your lab, unlock the path to single visit dentistry with CEREC, and offer additional services which will delight current patients and attract new ones. With Primescan, the high-quality data capture translates to a 99% lab acceptance rate of scan data allowing you the freedom to select the applications, including clear aligners, implants, sleep apnea, and restorations—it’s a multipurpose scanner for all your digital scanning needs.

Powered by DS Core

Primescan is powered by DS Core™, a digital platform that includes compliant file sharing and storage, case collaboration, and simplified patient communication. Traditionally, patient files are stored in disparate locations across multiple servers, making it difficult to access patient data efficiently and use them effectively. With DS Core, you can have a comprehensive patient media library that integrates your patient case files in one location to support all your workflows. By storing all digital media in one place, DS Core creates a singular view of a patient by automatically uploading Primescan images. DS Core improves communication between dentists and simplifies collaboration with specialists, partners, and labs.

Workflows that Work for You

End-to-end digital workflows can reduce the number of patient visits needed throughout the course of treatment and remove inefficiencies and inaccuracies. With Primescan, digital impressions are easier, faster, and more precise than ever, enabling noticeably shorter treatment times, higher fitting accuracy, and you won’t have to repeat impressions. In fact, 95% of Primescan clinicians are likely to recommend Primescan to their colleagues. In addition, Primescan is compatible with all major lab software, for efficient and seamless integration with existing CAD/CAM workflows.

Refining the Patient Experience

For many dentists and their associates, making the patient comfortable and safe is as important as the dental work itself. Nearly half of the population is affected by dental anxiety or fear so offering a timely and accurate scan the first time is key. With Primescan, full-arch scans take less than one minute, so the digital scanning itself is more comfortable and faster for patients than analog impressions. Accurate results and efficient workflows not only make the patient experience more enjoyable, but they have the ability to shorten appointments and turn a series of appointments into a single visit. Patients enjoy seeing a realistic 3D model instantly and feel better educated when treatment is recommended. One survey captured that eight in ten patients would feel more confident they are getting the best possible dental care if digital technology, such as intraoral scanners were used in the practice.

The Path to Practice Profitability

There are various ways to invest in the future of your practice, but digital dentistry is one of the best investments you can make for your business, team, and patients. Primescan is versatile and open giving you confidence and peace of mind that it will meet your needs now, and in the future. Available in two configurations: Primescan Connect, a laptop version, or Primescan AC that can be upgraded with CEREC Software in the future, you can choose the model that best suits your practice needs.

Key Benefits of Primescan


Primescan is compatible with all major lab software, enabling you to enhance the partnership with your preferred lab with direct communication and improved accuracy.

Patient Experience:

Scan hard to reach areas, shiny materials, and capture the full arch and depths up to 20 mm within 60 seconds. Patients enjoy seeing a realistic 3D model instantly and feel better educated when treatment is recommended.

Expanded Applications:

The high-quality data capture translates to a 99% lab acceptance rate of scan data allowing you the freedom to select the applications that fit best with your practice – whether in restorative, prosthetics, implantology, sleep appliances, digital dentures, or clear aligners.

To learn more about the Dentsply Sirona Primescan, visit this link. If you have any questions, speak to your Patterson sales representative and they’ll be happy to help!

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