Eaglesoft 22 is Now Available!

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Looking to drive practice growth with Eaglesoft’s powerful features? Get excited for new features in this upgrade to improve your software performance and keep your Eaglesoft security protocols up to date and in compliance with HIPAA requirements.

Eaglesoft version 22.00 is now available to download here. Cut back on manual tasks and save time by letting Eaglesoft 22 maintain and optimize your software to help grow your practice while you are busy treating patients. With this new update, you can increase treatment acceptance with CAESY Cloud integration, conveniently view PDFs and send emails directly in Eaglesoft, and limit user access to Eaglesoft integrations. Paired with our unrivaled support and training, we make the transition to Eaglesoft or upgrading to this version easy. Read about all the new features in our complete features guide here.

SmartDoc PDF Viewer Update

With Eaglesoft version 22, we have updated SmartDoc to include a new built-in PDF Viewer where you can conveniently view and save PDFs directly in Eaglesoft without running into any incompatibility issues. You no longer have to rely on a third-party application for viewing or saving documents. You will also have the option to Print, Email, and Export documents.

Watch our short video to learn more.

Email Integration

With this new update, you can now easily send emails from your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Outlook 365 email address directly from Eaglesoft. Currently, only these email applications have been tested and guaranteed to be supported.

Our Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) helps you avoid compatibility issues by eliminating the need to use another application to send emails. The email configuration is a global setting, so one email address will be used to send emails from Eaglesoft for the entire practice on all computers.

Learn more about the new email integration here.

CAESY Cloud Integration

Educate your patients and drive treatment acceptance with CAESY Cloud that is now integrated within Eaglesoft. With this integration, you can attach presentations to service codes, play CAESY Cloud videos from Chart, Treatment Plan, Informed Consent, and Fast CheckIn.

Note: This integration requires a CAESY Cloud subscription. Call 866-590-3384 for more information!

Additionally, you can also have Patient Notes updated after viewing CAESY Cloud videos.

Learn more about this feature in our short video.

Manage Integrated Applications Security Update

This security update in the Utilities Zone is now available for Manage Integrated Applications. This enhanced security update allows you to limit who has access to add, remove, or change settings for integrations such as AutoSDS, CAESY Cloud, and E-mail configuration in Eaglesoft.

Watch our video on the security update in the Manage Integrated Applications.

*Red indicates the staff member will not (disabled) have access

*Green indicates the staff member will (enabled) have access

Upgrade to Eaglesoft 22 Today

We understand some customers defer upgrading each Eaglesoft version, but by not upgrading you miss important security updates as well as access to other new Eaglesoft features. We strongly encourage all dental practices using Eaglesoft to implement this update. Upgrade to Eaglesoft version 22 today and contact our support team via Live Chat if you have any questions.

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