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Varanasi: A new facility, ‘EBUS’ (endobronchial ultrasound), test to diagnose lung cancer has been introduced in Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya Cancer Centre (MPMMCC) and Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital (HBCH), run by the Tata Memorial Trust in Varanasi.
The hospital authorities claimed that MPMMCC is the first hospital in eastern UP to provide this test facility of endobronchial ultrasound for lung cancer screening, which is presently available only at a few places in the country.
Along with screening for cancer, other types of lung diseases can also be detected through endobronchial ultrasound. It is very less time consuming and can identify the disease without causing any problem to the patients.
Dr Mayank Tripathi, a thoracic oncologist at MPMMCC & HBCH, said that the EBUS test is a modern test for lung cancer which requires less time for identifying the disease. “To perform this test, a wire is inserted into the patient’s mouth and the camera is kept in front of this wire. With the help of the camera, the changes in the lymph nodes around the lung can be seen and the test is also completed in a very easy way,” he said, adding, “New facilities are being introduced from time to time. Under this, EBUS test was started in the hospital recently.”
According to him, this test is very effective for patients suffering from lung cancer. With its introduction, the time taken for investigation will be reduced.
Lung cancer is the biggest cause of cancer death. In such a situation, timely identification of the disease is very important.
Medical superintendent of MPMMCC & HBCH, Dr. Akash Anand said that both the cancer hospitals are committed to provide quality treatment to cancer patients of Uttar Pradesh and its neighbouring states.

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