Embracing the Realities of Being Married to a Doctor

In this flashback episode about embracing the realities of being married to a doctor, Lara talks with Donna Rovito, editor of Physician Family Magazine. Donna shares some of her experiences being in a medical marriage for over 30 years and how the medical profession has evolved over time. Lara and Donna also discuss the importance of support for physician spouses and the best marriage advice Donna says she ever received.

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“As the spouse of a physician, there are so many ways that you can contribute to your community and to your own well-being that there’s no reason for anybody to sit at home and feel bad and feel lonely because there is a huge support group out here and how ever you find that, however you find us, we’re here.” -Donna Rovito

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About Donna

Donna Rovito shares about being married to a doctor for over 30 years, how the medical field has evolved, and the best marriage advice she has received.Donna Baver Rovito has been navigating life in a physician family since she married a brand new surgical resident in 1983, just one week after medical school graduation. A reporter and broadcast journalist by training (back in the days when cut and paste involved X-acto knives and rubber cement), Donna has filled many roles during her family’s journey of medicine.

She says her current role as editor of Physician Family Magazine and Media is the culmination of everything she’s done previously and is a marvelous opportunity to provide help and support for this generation of physicians and their families. She and her general surgeon husband Peter have two sons, Peter and Tony, both of whom are headed to graduate school in August. Peter hopes to attend medical school in the near future and Tony will obtain a master’s in criminal justice to prepare for a career in federal law enforcement. Their 10 year old lab/rottweiler mix has no immediate career plans.


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