Episode #131: Finding Great Work-Life Balance as a Medical Director in Health Insurance

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When you think about utilization review roles for health insurance companies, is your first thought, “I don’t want to be the one denying someone’s care”? This is a common sentiment for physicians who may have been on the opposite end of this role. My guest today, pedidatrcian Dr. Stacie Laff, had similar concerns before she transitioned into a utilization review role after 25 years of clinical practice. Dr. Laff will be sharing with us about how she feels she is helping patients in her role as medical director, what else she loves about this job, and some details on qualifications and compensation. We’ll also learn how she is still able to continue working as a pediatrician in combination with this job. 

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • What led Dr. Laff to burn out in private practice
  • Why selling her practice didn’t relieve Stacie’s stress 
  • The common fears Dr. Laff encountered early in her career transition
  • How Stacie helps patients get what they need in her current role
  • What it’s really like to conduct peer-to-peer calls
  • How Dr. Laff’s work-life balance improved dramatically in her new role  
  • Qualifications needed and typical compensation for utilization review jobs

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