Episode #153: Surgeon Finds Meaning In His Career in Population Health and Account Management

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Utilization management is becoming a popular nonclinical position with high job satisfaction. But what is out there in the insurance sector for someone seeking a new challenge and continued advancement? Joining us for Episode 153 is Population Health specialist, Dr. Ian Hamilton Jr. A vascular surgeon with over 20 years of practice, Dr. Hamilton has found a rewarding career in the health insurance sector. He shares all about his journey and how others can attain this fulfilling position.

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • Ian’s journey, beginning as a vascular surgeon with a private practice
  • The first time our roads crossed in 2011
  • Leaving practice as a surgeon, and opportunities for reentry  
  • How insurance companies decide denials of service
  • High spend, high need areas such as diabetes, musculoskeletal, and behavioral healthcare
  • Who is a good fit for population health, and the necessary qualifications
  • Compensation, work-life balance, and satisfaction for this role

Links for this episode:

The Physician Transition Starter Kit – A “must have” when you’re questioning your career path. This 25-page guide answers many of your questions about career transition, nonclinical options, and how to just get started.

Chart review – Chart review is a great way to use your medical knowledge, earn side income, and develop new skills. This guide includes more than 50 chart review companies and a sample email template for reaching out to recruiters.

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