Episode #164: IMEs – A Side Gig For a Variety of Specialities

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Would you like to utilize your clinical skills in a new way? Joining us today is Dr. Steven Borzak, a practicing cardiologist with a successful side gig offering Independent Medical Evaluations. He shares a wealth of insight about the role that will help you decide if it is right for you. Together we also explore how to prepare for and get started doing this work!

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • What exactly is an IME (Independent Medical Evaluation)?
  • Whether or not you might need to give a deposition 
  • Steps to get started in this work, regardless of your specialty
  • Training and certification options
  • How Expert Witness work and doing IMEs are a natural combination
  • Aspects to consider if IME work is right for you
  • Typical compensation

Links for this episode:

SEAK IME Training Course and Resources

Free Expert Witness Webinar. If you are doing IME work, you may also be interested in honing your skills as an expert witness and developing this as a side gig. On Wednesday, January 17th at 7:00 PM EST, I will be hosting a free webinar with Dr. Gretchen Green, where she will be talking about being an expert witness to help you assess if it would be a good fit for you. 

Dr. Green will also be sharing some details about her Virtual Expert Witness School, which will be starting at the end of January. For more information about this free webinar and to save your seat, click here.

Episode #20: Expert Witness, IMEs, and Life Care Plans with Dr. David Oliveri

Episode #113: Expert Witness – A Well-Paying Flexible Side Gig with Dr. Gretchen Green

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