Episode #172: The CDC – Diverse Opportunities With Or Without A Medical License

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Are you wondering how you can make a global impact while still leveraging your clinical skills? Join us in this fascinating conversation with Dr. Nick Agathis as he shares insights into his role at the CDC as a medical officer specializing in pediatric TB, HIV, and advanced HIV disease. Dr. Agathis highlights the diverse opportunities available at the CDC for physicians, ranging from data analysis and epidemiology to consulting and service delivery. He shares his own journey from clinical medicine to public health, emphasizing the rewarding impact and fulfillment he finds in his current role.

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • Dr. Nick Agathis’ journey from clinical medicine to public health, emphasizing the rewarding impact and fulfillment he finds in his current role.
  • Exploring the impactful work Dr. Agathis does for pediatric TB, HIV, and advanced HIV disease, including his role in reducing pediatric mortality.
  • Discovering the diverse range of opportunities available at the CDC, regardless of specialty
  • The skills that you can leverage to start a career at the CDC or in public health
  • The structure and flexibility of working at the CDC
  • What the EIS fellowship is and who is eligible
  • Learning about how you can contribute to global health initiatives.

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