Episode #85: From Intern to Fulltime Consultant

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If you’re early in your career and feeling like clinical medicine isn’t the right path for you, you’re not alone. Many physicians struggle with the decision about whether or not to leave residency. It can be hard to know if these feelings are temporary or not and whether “sticking it out” will be beneficial for your future career. Today I’m talking with Dr. Sam Kessel, who realized during his intern year that clinical medicine was not the right path for him. He’ll discuss how he made the tough decision to leave residency and why his new career as a consultant is a great fit for his passion, personality, and goals.

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • How the pandemic influenced Dr. Kessel’s intern year experience
  • Why Sam decided to pursue an MBA during medical school
  • What a strategy consultant does and how to learn more about the field
  • Factors to assess if you’re considering leaving residency
  • The power of LinkedIn for connecting with others who share your interests
  • Why Dr. Kessel is so passionate about the intersection of medicine and technology
  • Steps physicians can take to explore consulting roles

Links for this episode:

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LinkedIn for Physicians Course – Would you rather clean out your garage or attic than “put yourself out there” and network? No worries! My LinkedIn course is geared to make networking doable and fun. I will show you how to connect with people who can be helpful for your career, what to put in your messages, and how to apply strategically for the job you really want. You can learn more about this course and get a sneak peek inside right HERE. 

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