Episode #86: Find Great Nonclinical Freelance Opportunities at flipMD

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When speaking with physicians considering a transition to a nonclinical career, one of the most common concerns I hear is, “All I have is clinical experience, how can this translate to a nonclinical career?” The answer – in more ways than you can imagine! My guest today, Dr. Caitlin Delaney, is the Director of Business Development and Medical Advisor for flipMD, a company that connects physicians with businesses seeking their expertise. She’ll share her own journey to a nonclinical career and discuss how you can get started doing freelance consulting work through flipMD.

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • How Dr. Delaney’s desire to diversify her career led her to flipMD
  • What types of consulting positions are available for physicians
  • How flipMD connects physicians and businesses
  • The range of opportunities available on flipMD
  • Pricing how-tos for consulting work
  • The business model and sign-up process for flipMD
  • Getting started as a consultant

Links for this episode:

Dr. Caitlin Delaney’s LinkedIn


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