Episode #88: Find a New Career Direction by Solving a Problem

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Lots of physicians take on “extracurricular” work in their jobs, often motivated by their desire to solve a problem that is frustrating them. In unexpected and intriguing ways, this desire to solve a problem may end up leading these physicians into a new career direction. My guest today, Dr. Jennifer Bepple, is here to share how she did this with her passion for using technology to solve a problem she was experiencing in her urology practice. Dr. Bepple will discuss what sparked her interest in this area, how she forged her own path, and her tips for other physicians looking to do the same.

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • The patient access issue Dr. Bepple was driven to solve
  • What exactly is informatics? 
  • How Jennifer learned to navigate the system to achieve her goals
  • The changes Dr. Bepple initiated at her institution
  • How her experience led Jennifer to pursue a degree in informatics
  • The types of roles available in the informatics field
  • How to design your own path to achieve your career goals

Links for this episode:

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