Episode #89: When the Unbelievable Happens in Residency, a Story of Triumph

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Despite all the hard work and planning, unexpected events can still derail a physician’s career in ways that are beyond our control. This is exactly what happened to today’s guest, who I’m calling Dr. Usman to protect his identity. When things fell apart in his anesthesia residency, Dr. Usman never gave up on his dreams and demonstrated exceptional grit and determination in forging his own path ahead, in spite of multiple barriers in his way. He’ll share his story with us and offer advice for any of you who may be experiencing similar roadblocks on your path to success.

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • What led Dr. Usman to pursue practicing medicine in the US
  • The event that changed Dr. Usman’s career trajectory
  • How he coped with the hand he was dealt
  • The long road that followed when Dr. Usman left his residency
  • Where Dr. Usman ended up after his long journey
  • What kept him motivated and resilient along the way
  • Dr. Usman’s advice for others in a similar situation

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