Episode 90: An Antidote to Stagnation and Boredom – the Portfolio Career

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While some physicians are ready to fully transition out of clinical practice, others are looking for the best of both worlds: maintaining some clinical work and also pursuing nonclinical interests. Finding this balance through a portfolio career can keep your work interesting and prevent burnout by adding variety to your everyday routine. Today’s guest, Dr. Jingyi Liu, knew early on this was the path for her and is already maintaining a portfolio career as a PGY-2 resident. She’ll discuss how she knew this was the best fit for her and steps you can take to find a portfolio approach that works for you.

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • Why clinical practice can feel routine even early on
  • Different ways to approach a portfolio career
  • How a portfolio career can counteract boredom and stagnation
  • What led Dr. Liu to pursue interests outside of clinical medicine
  • The steps Jingyi took to make her portfolio goals a reality
  • How Dr. Liu realized she wanted to maintain a clinical role
  • Jingyi’s advice for those considering a portfolio career

Links for this episode:

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