Episode #92: How to Decide If Leaving Residency Is Right For You

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One of the biggest questions early-career physicians can grapple with when considering a nonclinical career is whether or not to finish residency. This is a big decision with many factors to consider, and the right answer is not the same for everyone. My guest today, Dr. Chelsea Turgeon, made the difficult decision to leave her OB/GYN residency after realizing clinical medicine was not the best career path for her. She’s here to discuss how she made this tough choice, what she’s doing now (and where she’s doing it!), and steps you can take to decide if it’s best for you to stay or leave residency.

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • Why a career in clinical medicine didn’t match Dr. Turgeon’s expectations
  • Chelsea’s process for deciding whether she should leave residency
  • How revisiting why you chose medicine can help you move forward
  • Coping with thoughts of guilt surrounding leaving residency
  • Why residency is not the only path to a successful career as a physician
  • Dr. Turgeon’s new career path and lifestyle
  • Steps you can take to process your residency doubts 

Links for this episode:

Dr. Chelsea Turgeon’s Website

Life After Medicine Facebook Group 

5 Steps to Career Clarity Mini Course

Should I quit residency? – A very help site that walks you through the process of answering this question for yourself using a powerful flowchart and question prompts. 

Check out our Free Resources! Under the Freebie tab on our website, you can find free resource guides on a variety of topics including resumes, interviewing, LinkedIn, medical writing, pharma, chart review, and telemedicine. There is also a starter kit to help you move forward when you’re feeling stuck at the crossroads. Please help yourself!

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