Frequently Asked Questions About Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a contraceptive method that has been widely used since 100 years ago. This is an operation that artificially creates infertility by cutting a man’s vas deferens and tying it with thread.

Will semen decrease or disappear after a vasectomy?

Sperm makes up only 5% of semen. Therefore, the amount of semen hardly changes after vasectomy.

Does vasectomy reduce stamina?

Male hormones involved in stamina are produced in the testicles and absorbed into blood vessels. A vasectomy has no effect on male hormone levels.

Is the vasectomy procedure simply tying the vas deferens with a thread?

Because there is a possibility of the thread loosening after vasectomy, the vas deferens are cut, both ends are tied, and then the tied ends are treated with an electric cauterizer for triple blocking.

Is the pain severe after vasectomy?

After vasectomy, there may be mild pain, usually for 1 to 2 days. However, this pain usually goes away as the wound heals.

What are the precautions after vasectomy?

Sperm remaining in the vas deferens or seminal vesicle can survive up to three months or longer. Therefore, semen analysis must be performed after vasectomy, and additional contraception must be performed until then.

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