Health provider to house state’s 1st inpatient eating disorder treatment center

MARNE, Mich. — Sanford Behavioral Health recently opened a new campus in Marne, which contains Michigan’s first dedicated, inpatient eating disorder treatment center.

The center has cozy rooms, clean kitchens and hallways filled with handpicked pictures.

Sanford Behavioral Health president and founder Rae Green wants the building to help those who need it most.

“We’ve tried to make it as comfortable as we can. There will be treatments that will be life changing and lifesaving,” Green added.

The 134-patient facility is just north of downtown Marne.

People who enroll in the center will work with a team of medical and clinical professionals for around the clock care.

“So there are very effective outpatient treatment centers throughout the state, but should it eclipse to the more acute stage in needing residential, you would’ve gotten into an airplane or on a car and gone out of state,” Green explained. “They often times will need a cocoon if you will. Something that takes them out of the daily tract of life, all of those triggers, all of those things that are allowing that disease to progress and put them into a safe environment surrounded by therapy, surrounded by privacy where they can focus on nothing but that healing process.”

According to the University of Michigan, eating disorders affect between seven million and ten million people in the United States.

While they’re typically associated with women, men account for up to ten percent of cases.

“It may be the hardest call that you’ll ever make. It’ll also be the most courageous call you’ll ever make because this is all so hopeful,” Green said.

The facility that houses the eating disorder center also is licensed to treat substance use disorders and mental health issues.

If you or someone you know needs help with an eating disorder, click here for available resources.

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