How To Choose a Good Yogurt

According to one theory, about 100 trillion bacteria live in the human gut. The total number of cells in the human body is about 60 trillion, and there are more bacteria in the gut. Since 70% of the immune cells responsible for our body’s immunity are distributed in the gut, gut health is directly related to the health of our entire body. Here’s how to choose yogurt that’s good for gut health.

Probiotics? Prebiotics? What’s the Difference?

The names are similar, but the functions are different. First of all, probiotics are commonly referred to as ‘lactic acid bacteria’. Basically, you need to take probiotics, and it is also a good way to additionally eat prebiotics, which are food for probiotics. Prebiotics help lactic acid bacteria to settle well, and they also help with bowel movements as they are indigestible dietary fiber and oligosaccharide ingredients in our body.

What are Synbiotics?

Synbiotics are made by mixing probiotics and prebiotics into one product. Mixing the two seems to mean that it is convenient and can be consumed at the same time. However, if the amount of one is insufficient, it may be difficult to obtain the effect of the other. It is recommended to take good probiotics and prebiotics separately. When choosing a synbiotic, it is advisable to carefully check the amount of pro and prebiotics.

What are Postbiotics?

Postbiotics are complexes of lactic acid bacteria residues. Among the by-products emitted by lactic acid bacteria, there are components good for health, which are mainly short-chain fatty acids and bacteriocins. Short-chain fatty acids include propionic acid, butyric acid, and acetic acid. These help to increase the absorption of minerals by controlling the acidity of the intestine, and to improve immunity by regulating autoimmune, hyperimmune and inflammatory reactions. Bacteriocin is a natural antibiotic that kills harmful bacteria and does not develop resistance.

How to choose Good Probiotics?

To choose a good probiotic, you must check the number of bacteria and the strain. Even if you take 10 billion lactobacilli a day and settle 100%, it is about 1/10,000 of the total intestinal bacteria, so it is better to choose at least 10 billion or more. For easy identification of strains, it is best to choose products from a reputable company. The lactic acid bacteria that are right for you are slightly different depending on your eating habits, health status, and your innate gut condition.

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