How to Understand Airway in the Dawson Philosophy

We had a great time learning about the importance of airway for effective and complete dentistry. For those who couldn’t make the free dental webinar, watch a recording of it below. Don’t forget, every month we feature a free Watch it Wednesday Dental Webinar!


Airway, breathing and sleep apnea are hot topics in dentistry and here at The Dawson Academy. How do we understand and incorporate this important subject into our philosophy of Complete Dentistry? In this webinar Dr. Witt Wilkerson will describe airway dysfunction as a possible etiology of malocclusion and TMD. Dr. Wilkerson will also explain how he evaluates and treatment plans cases involving airway, breathing and sleep disorders. 


What you’ll learn in this video:

  • Utilize an Integrative Dental Medicine (IDM) Checklist into your practice immediately
  • Identify the relationship between airway dysfunction and TMD, malocclusion
  • Understand how to screen and evaluate airway concerns

Dental Webinar: How to Understand Airway with Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson


Save the Date! Dawson Airway Symposium 2022


January 14-15, 2022–join the “Medical-Dental Airway Think Tank” — Stanley Liu MD, DDS, Audrey Yoon, DDS, MS, Mark Piper MD, DMD and DeWitt Wilkerson DMD! This will be one of our best symposiums on airway yet! A rich 2-days experience, packed with information of research and clinical application.


Book your seat and join us in Clearwater Beach, Florida!


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