Learn About Planet DDS, The Company Behind Denticon

When you think about the future of your DSO, what comes to mind? How do you define its success, and what are your goals for its growth and expansion? A dental practice management solution is, or likely has been, a factor in determining your DSO’s outlook. 

Perhaps you’re looking for a true all-in-one solution that helps your clients consolidate everything from communication to bookings — while reducing costs. Or maybe a product with streamlined IT and security tops your list of must-haves. 

You don’t need to look any further. We’re Planet DDS, and we’re problem-solvers for DSOs. 

No matter your objectives, Planet DDS is committed to helping you get there faster with our mission-critical dental software, Denticon. 

Denticon is the smart approach for dental management solutions. Designed to make practice management easier and more efficient while eliminating repetitive tasks, Denticon was born out of our passion for helping DSOs achieve their unique goals. 

When launched in 2003, Denticon was the first cloud-based dental practice management solution of its kind. Today, it’s the industry-leading, award-recognized choice for over 50,000 dental professionals across the United States, Canada, and beyond. 

Get to Know the Company Behind the Solution  

If you’ve been shopping around for practice management solutions, you’re probably familiar with Denticon. But how well do you know the company behind it? Read on to find out how we got started, where we’re headed, and what makes us tick. 

Our Founding 

In 2003, we founded Planet DDS to introduce something revolutionary at the time: a cloud-based practice management solution for the dental industry. As the first company to offer such a breakthrough product, Planet DDS ushered in a new era of dental practice management and has been living up to its promise since. 

A lot has changed for us since 2003, including growing our team, opening new offices, and expanding our products. But some things have remained the same, including our commitment to delivering the latest and most superior dental software.

A common theme in our business’s history is how often we’ve been the first to introduce an industry innovation. Of course, we were the first to the cloud with Denticon, and we’ve continued to find unprecedented ways to solve problems. We’ve also facilitated significant acquisitions, the most recent being Legwork — a leader in patient relationship management — in December 2021. 

Our Core Values 

We wouldn’t be where we are without the support of the thousands of dental professionals and practices that have partnered with us over the years. As much as we believe in our solutions, we understand that when clients choose our products, they choose to work with our people, too. 

Our mission is to unleash dentists and their staff to focus on patient care, and we’re deeply committed to helping our clients grow their practices. No matter who we’re working with, we value collaboration, empathy, accountability, trustworthiness, and ambition. And as we strive for the latest breakthroughs, we promote a company culture of innovation and continuous learning. 

Partnering With Our Clients in the Product Development Process 

We’re so determined to help our DSO clients grow that we involve them in Denticon’s product development process. Allowing them to suggest new features and vote on which ones we should roll out next has led to some of our most instrumental product enhancements. We owe a big thank you to all who have helped make Denticon even better. 

 Industry Awards 

Denticon is the product of a thoughtful, creative process that has resulted in a robust and powerful solution, but don’t take our word for it. Serving thousands of practices and adding hundreds more each year, our clients come from a vast network of dental professionals from nearly every state in the country. 


Our employees are pretty awesome, too. 

Join the Denticon Cloud 

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about the company behind Denticon — and Denticon itself! We take our role as a dental industry leader seriously, and we dedicate ourselves to continuously improving it. We’re proud to say that Denticon has been integral in helping us do just that. 

Denticon’s full range of capabilities goes far beyond client interfacing and IT, with access to a morning huddle dashboard, patient-facing features, a central billing office, analytics tools, and an array of other solutions that significantly enhance productivity and efficiency across all functions.

We’d love to connect you to our expert sales team for a demo of our flagship dental product and to learn what accessing centralized data anytime, from anywhere can look like for your DSO. 

We’re Planet DDS. How can we help you? 

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