Lyme Disease Diagnoses Soared Over 15 Years

The rise, reported by FAIR Health, was more pronounced in rural areas, where diagnoses were up 357%. Meanwhile, in Long Beach, California, a case of pediatric monkeypox is reported. A beverage recall over bacterial contamination, the baby formula shortage and more are also in the news.

US Lyme Disease Diagnoses Increased Dramatically In Past 15 Years

A report today from FAIR Health reveals that, from 2007 to 2021, Lyme diagnoses rose 357% in rural regions of the United States and 65% in urban areas, according to private insurance claims. In the past 5 years, from 2016 to 2021, insurance claims increased 60% in rural areas and 19% in urban areas. (8/2)

In updates on the spread of monkeypox —

Los Angeles Times:
Long Beach Child Gets Monkeypox; L.A. County Declares Emergency

“While news of a pediatric case may cause alarm, please remember that monkeypox is still rare, is much more difficult to get than COVID-19 and other common childhood illnesses, and is rarely dangerous,” Dr. Anissa Davis, city health officer, said in Long Beach’s announcement Tuesday. (Toohey, 8/2)

Dallas Morning News:
Dallas Expands Monkeypox Vaccine Eligibility, But Some Are Frustrated At Limited Access

“It’s a balance of wanting to maximize our impact. We’re already getting a ton of calls bombarding our system,” said Dr. Philip Huang, the county’s top health official. “So we’re trying to balance that with, what can we handle? And, what can we get out there effectively and quickly?” (Wolf, 8/2)

In other public health news —

The Washington Post:
Oatly Maker Recalls 53 Specialty Beverages Over Contamination Risk 

The maker of certain Oatly, Premier Protein and other specialty beverages has issued a recall for 53 of its products because of potential microbial contamination, according to the Food and Drug Administration. (Gregg, 8/2)

The Boston Globe:
Billerica Woman Who Suffered Miscarriage After Listeria Infection Sues Florida Ice Cream Maker

A Billerica woman who suffered a miscarriage after she ate ice cream contaminated with listeria during a visit to Florida is suing the ice cream maker and vendor, saying she has experienced physical and mental pain, lost wages, and medical expenses, according to court records. (Fox, 8/2)

Why Baby Formula Shortage Is Here To Stay

The baby formula shortage that has plagued American families this spring isn’t over yet, according to a report from the research firm Information Resources Inc. (IRI). (Scribner, 8/2)

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