Make the Best First Impression — Save Time for You and Your New Patients in Denticon

There are many reasons why people hesitate to find a new dental practice. Often, the reason is that they don’t know who to go to or who to trust. But often, they just feel that it is a hassle. Calling the new dental office to schedule the first appointment can take too much time. Then, there are the endless forms, consent agreements, and insurance information to fill out. For the dental practice’s front office, onboarding a new patient can be equally time-consuming, distracting the front office from providing the best overall patient experience.  

Planet DDS saw these challenges, and we have now made improvements to the online registration process. With the new Denticon Patient Online Registration, both dental practices and patients can take advantage of five new features that will save both parties’ time. 

  • Create a custom welcome message for online registration: Dental practices can now create a custom message as the first message a patient sees when they enter the Denticon Online Registration Portal. This allows dental practices to promote and maintain their brand with the first message new patients see. 
  • Designate required fields in registration forms and questionnaires: For new patients, the forms they have to fill out can seem daunting. There are many questions and fields to complete. Denticon now allows dental practices to designate which fields are required for the patient to complete and which are optional. This eliminates back-to-back conversations about incomplete forms, saving both dental practices and new patients time while also improving the patient experience. 
  • Quickly create new patient appointments: Denticon has made improvements to the user interface to schedule a new patient appointment. Denticon now minimizes the time on the phone when scheduling a new patient with an improved top-to-bottom logical user interface that only requires four fields to create an appointment: birthdate, last name, first name, and phone number. 
  • Automatically send new patients an email with a link to required forms and consent agreements: After scheduling a new patient appointment, Denticon is now integrated with Denticon Patient Communication, an effective and efficient patient engagement solution that can automatically send a customized email or text message to a new patient with a secure link to any required forms or patient consents before the patient’s visit. This allows the dental practice to communicate with new patients in the way they prefer and saves the front office time. 
  • Upload an image of a patient’s insurance card: The new online registration allows the new patient to upload an image of his or her insurance card to capture the patient’s insurance information accurately and ensure efficient payment processing. 

At Planet DDS, we are excited about these new enhancements that will maximize the patient experience right from the beginning. 

For any questions or more information, please reach out to our team. 

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