Making a Treatment Plan for Your Practice in 2022

Host: Dr. Shannon Johnson, Association President
Guest: Mr. Larry Guzzardo

Thanks to all those who attended this Association Member Webinar Sneak Peek! It was wonderful to hear all of your questions. For those who could not attend, you can watch the webinar below.

Get ready for this new year by being prepared!

We all know signs almost always precede symptoms when it comes to practicing dentistry, but are you recognizing those signs and symptoms in your practice? Watch as Larry Guzzardo discusses how to put your practice through a complete exam in 2022. Learn what to expect regarding hiring team members, overhead expenses, setting fees, and the overall forecast for dentistry. Larry shares his experience and knowledge from over 25 years of dental practice management, consulting exclusively with complete care dentists and their teams.

Learning Objectives from this Dental Webinar:

• Grow your practice in a way that removes uncertainty.
• Build a great(er) team.
• Increase scheduling efficiency.
• Increase practice profitability.



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