Osstem announces new focus through the Osstem Implant Scientific Community

PRAGUE, Czech Republic: Osstem Implant’s AIC Europe, its Advanced Dental Implant Research and Education Center, will be changing its name to more fully designate its purpose within the greater scientific community. During the Osstem-Hiossen Meeting in Europe held in Rome in Italy last year, AIC Europe officially revealed its new logo and announced its introduction to Europe starting in 2023. Now known as the Osstem Implant Scientific Community (OIC), the organisation will maintain the legacy of AIC with its more than 20 years of history. The change demonstrates the company’s clear ambitions to focus on the development of the scientific community.

Since its foundation in 2000, Osstem AIC has established a professional and systematic education system for clinical education in implantology. About 100,000 dentists globally have completed its courses over the last 22 years. From 2023, OIC will continue this training of implant clinicians using global instructors with abundant clinical experience. OIC will be a place for every dentist to share knowledge and to learn about new trends in implantology. More importantly, it will allow all its members—students and clinicians—to actively participate in every aspect of the community.

One of the important changes with the renaming is a focus on research. Members at all levels will be able to share and participate in research.

As Dr Marco Tallarico, president of OIC Italy, said: “The scientific community is like a town square where you can meet and sharpen your skills. This is very important for improving your daily practice. The concept is, firstly, to stay up to date for the benefit of the patients, and then, to help support young dentists because they don’t have sufficient support when they leave university. So, we can say that our community is a place where the clinician is not alone, but it is a place to share, in an open way, our plans, successes, solutions, training activities and everything else.”

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