Ozarks volleyball players support each other through cancer diagnoses

Former Nixa volleyball player Jaycee Fixsen has been an inspiration to Ozark volleyball player Josie Orellana over the years. The two have recently bonded and found inspiration through each other while each undergoing cancer treatments.

Shortly after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Jaycee Fixsen didn’t want to look at her phone and she didn’t understand the outpouring of support.

She was angry. 

Medically, there wasn’t a history or anything she thought would have led her to have cancer. It just happened, which made her angrier. 

“I didn’t do something good,” Fixsen told herself. “It was hard being recognized for something that I feel like shouldn’t have happened to me.”

For the longest time, Fixsen searched for the reason why. Even after beating cancer, she’s still not sure.

But now the recent Nixa standout and current freshman for the Missouri State volleyball team knows her story can provide strength and inspiration for others.

Especially for a close friend who needs that strength.

Josie Orellana, 15, is a rising sophomore at Ozark High School who calls Fixsen her “role model.” The volleyball player took private lessons from Fixsen and often attended her games to cheer on the rival Lady Eagles even though it may be frowned upon in Christian County.

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