Shampoo or body wash, which should you do first?

Summer is the season to shower often. No one likes sweaty skin to be sticky. That’s why I wash my body several times a day. As you often shower in the summer, it is important to wash your hair the right way. What should you pay attention to when taking a shower?

Should you use shampoo before body wash?

Shampoo contains chemicals such as parabens and alcohol. The same goes for treatments and rinses. If you wash your hair after washing your body, there is a possibility that the chemicals in the shampoo will not be washed away. When these ingredients irritate the skin, it is easy to cause trouble. You must wash your body after washing your hair to thoroughly wash away the chemical components of shampoo, conditioner, and treatment on your body. Rinse your entire body with lukewarm water.

Is washing in the shower water harmful to your skin?

It’s easy to push your face under the water while taking a shower. However, it can cause strong irritation to the skin of the face. This is because the skin of the face is thinner than the body, so it is more sensitive. If you hit your face with strong water pressure under the shower, your skin may be damaged or the skin of your face may become rough. It is better to wash only the body in the shower and wash the face separately in the sink.

Is it okay to wrap a towel around your wet hair?

After showering, many people put a towel on their wet hair because they don’t like the water dripping on the floor. However, a towel-wrapped head is moist and warm, suitable for bacterial growth. This is why it is easy to cause dermatitis on the scalp. Drying your hair right after showering can help prevent this. Directly hitting the scalp with hot wind can damage hair and hair follicles, so you should dry the hair dryer with a cool breeze while hovering 30 cm above your head.

How many times a day is appropriate to shower?

If you shower too often, the natural oil film that surrounds your skin is removed, making your skin more susceptible to damage. This is especially true if you use soap or body cleansing products every time you shower. It is appropriate to shower no more than 2 times a day. If you need to do more than this, use body cleanser and soap only in the morning, and then simply wash with water after that.

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