Simplify your Glass Ceramic Veneers procedure

There is a growing trend in the use of veneers. For patients looking to improve their smile, veneers are long-lasting and patients love the aesthetic result. However the veneer treatment can be a challenge for the dentist.

With the Success Simplified program, 3M offers a simple protocol that will standardise the procedure. Start by making the right material selection for each case, followed by the perfect preparation design, temporization, impression, cementation and maintenance protocols. Every step allows you to make the best decisions, leading to a successful aesthetic outcome!

Learn from Prof. Dr. Nicola Scotti and Prof. Dr. Paulo Monteiro in the webinar ‘Glass Ceramic Veneers for Success’. Register now and watch the webinar at a time that is convenient for you.

Want to know more or got questions? Join the live Q&A session (in English) on 21st March at 20:00 (CET) where Prof. Dr. Nicola Scotti and Prof. Dr. Paulo Monteiro will answer your questions.

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