Students get red carpet treatment as school resumes

MILWAUKEE — The first day of school is officially in the books for many Milwaukee Public School students.

Schools that are on the early start calendar resumed class on Monday. Those schools in the traditional calendar will not return until after Labor Day, like most other districts around the state.

At the Milwaukee High School of the Arts, students returning to class were treated to a surprise welcome back. Staff from the school literally rolled out a red carpet and greeted students with cheers, welcoming them back.

For student Lucille Richardson, who loves being a part of the schools theater program, it was a fitting way to be welcomed back.

“The fact that I got a warm welcome is really comforting to show I am cared about and loved at this school,” Richardson said.

For teachers, the start of a new school year means new opportunity.

For choir director Raymond Roberts, it means a year that will, hopefully, be less interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Roberts said he learned to adapt, even having students learn to sing virtually, but said he is ready for more normalcy.

“Last year was like getting our feet wet and getting back into the idea of making live music together,” said Roberts. “This year we are hitting the road running, ready to go.”

Students at MPS will be required to wear masks at the start of the school year. When COVID-19 transmission rates remain high in Milwaukee County, masks will be required, but the need will be regularly reevaluated.

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