What Is the Process for Denticon Implementation and Conversion

In the final, fourth part of our Why Denticon series, we’ll be discussing what it looks like to implement Denticon Practice Management Software.  

If you belong to a dental practice or organization looking to make the switch to Denticon, read on to discover more about our implementation process, training opportunities, and what to expect after you go-live. 

Overview of the Implementation Process 

Our goal is the same as yours: to implement Denticon as seamlessly as possible and effectively train your team so that your practice can start benefiting from all Denticon has to offer. That’s why we’ve broken down our implementation process into 6 steps that our excellent, in-house, implementation team, comprised of our many individuals with previous dental and software implementation experience, will guide you through.  

1. Kick-Off Call: It’s Nice to Meet You!

Let’s get started! We are so excited to meet you and get to know your practice. During our kick-off call, you will meet your dedicated implementation coordinator, go over the implementation process and timeline, confirm all final details, and take time to answer any of your questions. We will also assign roles and responsibilities to team members to ensure smooth project management, IT coordination, clinical setup, and successful training.    

2. Conversion: Moving to Denticon

 Our expert implementation team has experience converting from over 70 different versions of practice management systems and has successfully completed almost 7,000 conversions! We understand that the conversion process can seem intimidating, but you’re in good hands with our dedicated team of implementation experts.  

Our robust practice management solution conversion workflow includes: 

  • Setting up your new Denticon environment 
  • Retrieving a copy of your legacy practice management software data, 
  • Mapping the data from your legacy practice management software to Denticon 
  • Running a trial conversion through the Denticon system  
  • Auditing your mapped data 
  • Completing a re-trial for data mapping if necessary 
  • Installing image capture stations and completing an initial image conversion 

And our ultimate goal of the trial conversion is to:  

  •  Allow your practice to audit the data in Denticon to ensure your team is comfortable and confident in the conversion  
  • Populate your new Denticon account with familiar, existing data which can then be used to conduct staff training 

3. Trainings: Getting the Most Out of Denticon

While we work with you on the conversion process, we will begin holding training sessions for your team. 

Your office will receive dedicated training time with one of our Denticon expert trainers. Our trainers will teach your staff the ins and outs of Denticon and ensure Denticon is setup in a way that works best for your practice. From clinical, to clerical, and administrative tools within Denticon, our trainers will help your team become confident using Denticon to support every part of your practice.  

In addition to remote and on-site training offerings, we offer live, on-demand training courses through Denticon University. Denticon University is a centralized library of learning content with how to videos and PDFs, walking you through everyday basic Denticon tasks. 

And while we pride ourselves on the fact Denticon is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, we know learning a new software can be challenging. That’s why we provide an array of training options so that you and your staff can quickly learn how to best leverage Denticon. Our goal is to help you and your staff start enjoying the time-saving automations in Denticon in no time.

4. Final Conversion: Last Data Capture, Conversion, and Third-Party Integrations

During this stage, our team will complete a final data capture, scanned documents upload, image conversion, and finalize all third-party integrations. This is our opportunity to ensure we retrieve a final copy of your practice’s data and upload it into Denticon prior to going live.  

Our goal for this stage is to: 

  1. Complete a final data audit 
  2. Finalize image conversion and map them to patient records 
  3. Obtain scanned documents and map them to patient records 

 5. Go-Live Date: Congratulations! 

Congratulations! Your office is ready to use Denticon! From this date forward, all new office activity will be conducted within the Denticon system. Our team will be on hand to ensure a smooth go-live date.  

Upon go-live, you will also be introduced to your dedicated account manager. They will provide you with tools and resources to ensure your practice’s success in the weeks and months to come after go-live.  

6. Post-Live Checkup and Beyond

We know going live is only the first step in your lifetime as our valued business partner and customer of Planet DDS. Following your go-live date, we will stay in close contact with your office to answer any questions or address any concerns and your account manager will continue as your dedicated partner to support your practice’s success with Denticon.  

 Lifetime Support & Best-in-Class Customer Care 

As a Denticon client, we want to ensure your team’s success with Denticon. Included in your Denticon subscription, you will receive lifetime support. We pride ourselves on providing best-in-class customer care for our clients. That’s why we offer a ticket submission portal to ensure your team can quickly document issues you are facing and receive an immediate call back from our team. We know Denticon is a critical solution for your practices and to ensure business-as-usual for you. That’s why we work hard to resolve 99.9% of tickets within one business day while maintaining a positive customer satisfaction score of over 97%. 

Always Enjoy the Newest Version of Denticon 

Another perk included in your Denticon subscription is that product updates are always on us. Because Denticon is a cloud solution, you never have to worry about paying for feature enhancements or new software versions. As we continue to improve Denticon, your practice receives the newest releases as soon are they are rolled out. 

Be Part of Our Software Development Process 

We love hearing from our clients. So much so that we have a feature request tool built into Denticon. Through this tool, our users can suggest and vote on what new features our developers should add to Denticon next. We believe that our software development process is a collaborative one that involves our clients, and often, our best enhancements have come from feedback from our clients. 

“As a periodontist, we have very specific needs around the type of data we store. I suggested a change to the periodontal charting model. Planet DDS made the change and implemented it within 6 weeks. I greatly appreciate that kind of agility. I’m super impressed with the support. It’s the best support I’ve ever gotten from any software.” – Dr. Eric Weiss, Owner of Periodontal & Implant Associates.

We look forward to your input to make Denticon even better! 

Let us help you reach your practice goals. For more information about Denticon, contact us today. 

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