What to do if pill capsule stuck in throat?

It is a common phenomenon that capsules cannot be swallowed. The general reason is that the capsules are too large and it should be prevented before taking the medicine. Here is the summary which may help you swallow the capsules more smoothly.

  • Take care when taking medicine. If you feel that the capsules are not easy for you to swallow, it would be better to choose a smaller capsule and swallow capsules one by one.
  • If the capsule is already stuck in the throat, you can try hard cough first, then drink some water to push the capsule down. If it does not work, try to eat some food to push the capsule down.
  • If all the methods don’t work, we can only wait for the capsule to disintegrate. But in this case, the medication may have some effect on the human body, or the efficacy of the medication may be weakened or even invalidated. Therefore, you should inform your attending doctor about the situation and following his or her suggestion. You may need to take the medicine again.
  • If suffocation occurs, please ask a professional Heimlich maneuver for help.

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