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Yoga During IVF: Many couples choose IVF treatment to battle infertility. If you are one of them who is undergoing an IVF treatment then you may encounter a wide range of emotions such as feeling stressed, anxious, irritated, depressed, and tired. Did you know? Yoga can help you to successfully overcome these symptoms and stay calm during an IVF treatment. Read on to know about the benefits of yoga when it comes to couples seeking IVF treatment. But, remember that you need to do it under the guidance of a yoga practitioner.Also Read – Suffering From Hair Fall? 5 Yoga Asanas to Stop Hair Fall And Help With Hair Growth

Currently, infertility is on the rise among couples. Infertility means not being able to get pregnant (conceive) after one year (or longer). To deal with it, many people take the help of ARTs such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). Various studies have confirmed that stress levels are high during IVF treatment. You will not be sure about what type of exercise you can safely do throughout the IVF process as you are afraid of anything going wrong. But, doing yoga during IVF is a great option. It is safe, and effective, as it will be gentle, nurturing, and will help you tune in with your body. You need to know that doing yoga will not impact the chances of pregnancy. In fact, yoga can help you to de-stress, perk-up your mood and stay healthy. Dr Ritu Hinduja, Fertility Consultant, Nova IVF Fertility, Mumbai shares why yoga is helpful during an IVF treatment. Also Read – Yoga Day 2022: Masaba Gupta Nails Bakasana in New Post, ‘A Lesson in Confidence & Overcoming Fear’

This is why yoga is helpful during IVF treatment

  • It is completely safe: Experts recommend exercising during IVF to keep the body healthy, oxygenated, and de-stressed. It’s also good for pregnant women who want to maintain a healthy weight. Yoga is safe during IVF. Once you’re pregnant, take a prenatal class, from a certified instructor, so you know the postures that are good for you and the baby.
  • It reduces stress: Yoga includes deep breathing and meditation that can help the woman to combat stress, anxiety, and depression while undergoing IVF. You won’t feel anxious, irritated, agitated, or restless. Yoga will not only improve your physical but even mental or emotional well-being. Practicing yoga during the IVF treatment will allow you to relieve your body from the side effects of stress.
  • It increases the chances of IVF success: According to research, yoga improves IVF transfer rates. It has been reported that yoga can be an adjuvant to improving the pregnancy rates in couples undergoing ART. Proper blood flow to the pelvis and reproductive organs, along with reduced stress levels, promote healthier fertility processes.
  • It can boost one’s immunity: Yoga will not only increase muscle tone, stamina and flexibility but can strengthen the immune system too. Thus, you can keep diseases and illnesses at bay, and also reduce inflammation that contributes to symptoms of infertility factors such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis.

The last word: But, one needs to avoid twisty poses as the ovaries need all the blood flow they can get. Twisting poses potentially restrict this blood flow. So, be careful and do not go overboard while doing yoga. Also Read – Alaya F on Her Struggle With PCOS: ‘I have to Stay Fit to Keep My Skin Good And Hormones in Check’

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